Barb Jones Photography, Nashville, TN | Headshot Session Details and Prep


Preparing for Your Photo Session

Actor's Headshots

Our goal is to create images that will grab the attention of casting directors.  We will work on everything you need for your "brand."  Agencies will want to see at least three looks very basically grouped as:  a smiling, approachable character, a business look - tough attorney or trustworthy teacher, and an edgy dramatic look.  It is in large part about the eyes and making sure they are "speaking" to the camera.  We want personality and focused energy to show in the image.  We will work so that the lighting and angles show you at your best!  Your photo session will be a lot of fun, so be ready to have a great time, relax and be yourself!  A headshot session lasts approximately 1.5 hours.  Scroll down to read "How to Prep and What to Bring."


Try to time your haircut to give the best look for your photos.  It is best to be able to see the eyebrows. Make sure hair color is even; no outgrown root color.  If you tend to have red/allergy eyes, think about using eyedrops an hour in advance to remove any redness in the whites of your eyes.  Remember to get lots of rest and drink plenty of water prior to your session. Please try to arrive on time!  We do not have a makeup artist on site, so please arrive with hair and makeup ready.  (Let Barb know if you'd like her to book a makeup artist at a fee of $75.)


If you wear braces, please have only clear bands put on the braces.  Colored bands are distracting and casting directors will want only clear bands.  Auditions come up suddenly, so it is always best to ask for clear bands when you receive your braces adjustments.


Business Headshots

Please refer to the notes below regarding how to prepare your face and hair and what to bring.  For professional business headshots, we will photograph you in up to two clothing changes.  If you have a business directory or samples that you need your headshot to match, please email that to Barb.



How to Prepare Your Face and Hair and What Clothing to Bring

Bring several tops/shirts on hangers.  Barb will help select what you will wear up to 2 (business headshots) to 5 (actor headshots) changes.  Please bring mostly solid colors, some small patterns are okay especially if we can layer over it.  Avoid lace or "cut out" blouses; these do not photograph well.  Great necklines:  collars, crew or high scoop or high V.  Not good:  low scoop or boat neck.  Please bring a white shirt and also any colors that look good on you plus one to match your eye color if possible!  Look through the portfolios for ideas.  Actors bring clothing specific to your brand or character types; please avoid low-cut or scoop necklines that won't work with the headshot crop.  Business clients bring suit jackets; men bring ties, if desired.


Actresses:  Please come with hair as you normally wear it; make sure color is even without dark roots.  Do not use the photo session to "try a new look" with hair.  Keep makeup very natural with eyeliner soft and blended.  Do not use liquid liner due to the harsh edge line; only use pencil because it can be softened.  They want to notice YOU and not your makeup.


Women:   Make sure makeup is natural and even and be prepared to re-apply lipstick during the session.  The camera will capture the smallest details, so check your eye makeup closely to make sure it is natural.  The camera will show each eyelash, so inspect to see that the lashes are separate and not sticking together.  Eyelash extensions tend to swoop down over the top of the eye creating shadow and a "curtain" over the eye.  Do not use liquid eyeliner because the HD camera will emphasize the harsh line; pencil is softer and blends better.  Please have a comb or brush available as well as powder to soften any shine.


Girls:  Please bring clear lipgloss (without sparkles), powder, a comb or brush, and hairspray.  Casting directors like it simple and fresh.  Young girls can do minor, natural brown mascara and a bit of blush on the cheeks.  NOTE:  The camera shows the smallest details, so please check to make sure mascara is not "clumped" and lashes are not sticking together.  No earrings or if must, use only studs.  During wardrobe changes you can check your makeup and use powder to soften any shine.


Men and Boys:   Bring or wear ChapStick or a lip moisturizer so the lips are not dry or cracked.  Arrive with face freshly washed and shaved.  Also, please have a comb available.