Character Types and Clothing Ideas

Your goals during the session may include some character types that match your brand or you may have a list requested by your agent or manager.  However, Barb recommends that you also have a killer primary shot.  This is a look that will be able to meet a range of roles and breakdowns but delivers a strong sense of your essence/vibe.  We don't want you to have a portfolio of outstanding character shots, but then have nothing to match a certain breakdown since all of your shots are too specific.  That said, we pulled together some ideas and samples of a variety of roles.  You can determine your types and pull together clothing options for those looks.  


If you don't know your type, Backstage has some great articles including this one:


Business Professional - Authority Figure

Newscaster, reporter, lawyer, political figure, police officer, detective, judge, school principal, CEO, etc...  Clothing should look professional, suit jacket, blouse.  Expression should be intelligent, confident, strong.

Medical Professional

EMT, nurse, surgeon, doctor, etc...  Clothing should be basic light blue, white, light grey suit jacket.  Expression should be careworn, trustworthy, empathetic, approachable, intelligent.


Fun Soccer Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle

Young at heart, casual, side kick.  Clothing is casual and more colorful.



Girl/Boy or Guy/Gal - Next Door

All ages (sweet young child or older fun neighbor), very likable, ingenue, and almost a commercial appeal.  Clothing should be wholesome with lighter colors, solids or layers over small patterns.  Expression should be innocent, approachable, kind.  


Love Interest - Leading Man/Lady

Your best-looking, most attractive look.  Shows charisma and attractiveness. 

Villain or Bully

Mean girl, unkind jock, arrogant rich kid, judgmental jerk, etc...  Can wear range of clothing for this, but the expression shows the character is subtly evil, cocky, etc...  

Dark Energies

Evil antagonist, criminal mastermind, drug dealer, mob boss, etc...  Clothing should be darker.

Hero Types

Clothing can be athletic or form-fitting and strong colors work well.  Posture should be standing tall, shoulder back.  Expression can show power, strength, care, trust.