Chad Malen(non-registered)
A Barb Jones headshot is captivating and captures truth. Barb instills confidence, creates a fun environment and it’s easy to just be yourself while she brings out the best in you! Whenever a new post of a photo from Barb pops up I cannot help but smile, as she just made another actor very happy. She is a light that shines brighter than the rest and I am forever grateful and look forward to my next session…

Thanks Barb
Barb Jones Photography, Nashville, TN
From actor Ty Leech:
- Barb came highly recommended, and I see why! As a new actor, Barb taught me how to be comfortable and confident in front of the camera.
- Not only is Barb precise, professional, and produces incredible work, she's also a down right good time.
- Barb knows what your agent wants, better than you do! Thankful for her insight and expertise!
Emily Sanchez(non-registered)
Perfect shoot with amazing results! Barb has loads of knowledge in this industry so we were able to capture exactly what I needed. We had lots of fun and laughs! She is pure magic!!
Britton Webb(non-registered)
Barb's headshots have stood out to me since I first saw her work while attending Watkins College roughly 10 years ago. They continue to impress today because she does her homework and adapts to what casting directors are looking for each and every year. The drive from Mississippi to Nashville is well worth the trip! I took my 8 year old son with me for my most recent session and she was amazing with him as well!! We love you, Barb!!
Shannon Carlisle(non-registered)
Barb was so fun to work with! She helped me create several looks and I love the results from them. I started getting more auditions with these headshots as well. Look no further than Barb, she will get you right.
Creek Wilson(non-registered)
Barb is the BEST! Love working with her any chance I can. Her headshots have the perfect edge to them and they definitely get the casting directors to notice you.
Jessica Claros(non-registered)
Since getting my headshots with Barb I’ve signed with an agency and been getting some really great auditions! Barb made me feel welcomed and relaxed during the session and I absolutely love my new headshots! She really captures the best side of you and takes her time during the shoot. Thank you Barb!
John Newberg(non-registered)
I’ve been acting for 4+ decades, and I’ve had lots of headshots - some good, some just ok. Last year, during the strike, I decided it was time for some new ones. I saw Barb’s website and studied her portfolio. Shot after shot caught my attention. Sharp and clean pics with great composition, great lighting, great backgrounds, and most important of all - great eyes! Each photo told a story.
She is a headshot pro! Our session was fun and easy. I knew what I wanted, and she shot it. But along the way she added her expertise, her input, and that Barb Jones’ magic. Lots of fun, lots of laughs, no wasted time, lots of collaboration. When we were done, we both knew we had some winners. Narrowing them down was the hardest part.
I highly, highly recommend Barb Jones. Do your homework, come prepared with ideas, listen to Barb, and you’ll love the results. I LOVE my new headshots from Barb Jones Photography!
William E Harris(non-registered)
My name is William E Harris and I am emailing this testimonial to offer support for Barb Jones and her professional skills as a headshot photographer. As an actor for the past 16 years, I have utilized the talents of 3 other photographers for my headshots and marketing purposes. Although all of them were professionals in their art, I was so happy to find Barb after observing her work on social media from fellow actors, friends, and other colleagues. I live in New Orleans but made the conscious effort to travel to her studio in Nashville because I could sense a beautiful difference in her work relative to my prior experiences. Barb prepares by reviewing your past work on IMDB and other social media sites. When you arrive at her studio, she makes every effort to get to know you even more than your previous emails together. Then, a discussion occurs where she offers her ideas and suggestions (she stays in touch with casting directors to understand current trends). Once mutual agreements are decided for specific headshot types, the magic begins! Her equipment is top notch and there is impeccable attention made toward character roles, wardrobe choices, specific lighting (programable to camera shutter), and various backdrops. She creates an extremely friendly and enjoyable environment which is responsible for easing any personal tensions from the process. All I can say is that after receiving final proofs, posting them on various sites, and creating business cards, I have recently booked 5 films in the Indie market, of which, I enjoy. Successful booking is multi-faceted and her attention to details in this part of the process has no doubt aided in my personal success.
Steve Schwetman(non-registered)
I learned of Barb through a Facebook post. I knew immediately after browsing her website I had to work with her. Barb understands your acting headshot is your calling card. It has to jump out to the casting director. She knows just how to make 'em "pop". Barb knows how to make you feel welcome when you walk into her studio. She always gets the best out of her clients. And they get the best headshots from her. Barb Jones is worth the investment, and in many cases, the travel to Nashville to have the best acting headshots for your career.
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