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(See also: Examples of Types page.) Wardrobe can make or break a great headshot. During your session, we will work on both commercial and theatrical headshots. Here are examples of wardrobe choices that work. Bring LOTS of options and please bring on HANGERS since that is how we line up the shoot on the rack.

The examples below are shown in order from commercial to friendly theatrical to serious/dramatic theatrical.

Commercial headshots are submitted for commercials and show big smiles (showing teeth) and work best with bright colors. You can't go wrong with a solid t-shirt, collared shirt or blouse. It's good to have a business jacket as well. Bring colors that are great with your eyes as well as unique colors that will stand out from the sea of headshots. Green, purple, yellow are ideas. Patterns can be used with commercial shots since it also conveys more energy. Small patterns can be layered under solids.

Theatrical headshots are submitted for movies and episodics that are more character-driven and show more specific ranges of emotion from best friend to antagonist. We will create a primary theatrical shot that is versatile to submit for a variety of roles as well as any specific roles that fit your types and brand. Bring wardrobe to match those types. If your manager/agent has requested certain types, have the list handy to discuss. Watch shows and study the roles that match your types. What those actors are wearing in the shows are great choices for headshots.

Upon your arrival to your session, we will discuss your types, agent requests and plan the shoot. Barb will style and direct each look from wardrobe, hair ideas and lighting/background.