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We went to Tokyo June 21-24. Trent's school friend, Momone, and her parents, Kazuko and Atsunori Ozawa, were our hosts and toured us around the entire time. We were truly spoiled and were able to relax and enjoy the trip since we did not have to struggle with the language differences. We were joined by Akari, Momone's friend, who also attended our Brentwood school for 3rd-5th grades.

We went to the Fish Market early Friday morning, the world's largest fish market. Then we did a tour which included Tokyo Tower, the outside of the Imperial Palace and a Temple. We shopped on Saturday and went on a dinner cruise. Sunday we met the Ozawa's for a lunch buffet and walked around for our last views of Tokyo. Sunday we traveled by subway, train, airplane and taxi to return to our apartment in Beijing.
The Ozawa's know a chef who personally took us back into the "inner working" part of the market.  We met him at 7:00 a.m. and followed him back.Cutting the large tuna.  Later our bus guide said this is the largest fish market in the world.  We believe it.  It was vey busy and everyone had their own work to keep them busy.See the huge tuna on the floor?Slicing tuna with an electric  saw!We saw every kind of fish including shell fish and octopus.OctopusEel.