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On July 30th, we drove the Ice Fields Parkway between Banff and Jasper in the gorgeous Canadian Rocky Mountains. We stopped along the way to take short hiking trails to rivers and mountain overlooks. Here is some info about the Parkway:

To travel the Icefields Parkway is to experience one of Canada's national treasures and most rewarding destinations. Stretching 232km (144mi.) through the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site, this world-class journey offers access to a vast wilderness of pristine mountain lakes, ancient glaciers and broad sweeping valleys. This special travel route winds its way through two national parks, boasting a unique and irreplaceable landscape rich in history and natural beauty second to none.
The boys spent a long time building a bridge of logs so they could cross and stay dry.  Their shoes got soaked in the process!They wanted the log to anchor their new bridge, but it floated downstream instead!