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This album begins with Beijing apartment photos with our last night with the Andrews. Then we traveled to Seoul, Korea on July 18th. We stayed at the Imperial Palace Hotel. It was very elegant and had a golf driving range! We returned to Beijing on July 21st-22nd. Due to bad weather in Beijing, our 6 pm arrival turned into a 3:00 am arrival!
Trish and Joslyn hanging out in the apartment.Jason bought this head massage thing that he is using on Nelson!The last night we were with the Andrews in the apartment.This is KFC delivery in Beijing.KFC delivery bike.At the Beijing Airport we saw the Olympic China basketball team heading to London!Leaving for Seoul, Korea!Korea is lush and mountainous.We landed on an island.Mister Lee drove a luxury limo van.  He was our driver between hotel and airport both ways.First view of the hotel after 1.5 hour ride from airport.Building across the street was "Watergate!"