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Note: This album involved two cameras, so you will notice a repeat of events.

While Jim was at work in Shanghai on Wednesday, Barb, Trent and Jason enjoyed a full day with a personal guide (English name was Julie) and a personal driver. We went to the top of two buildings for great views of the city and Huangpu River. First, the Pearl Tower and then the Financial Center building. We also visited the Jade Buddha Temple and the Shanghai Museum. We finished the day with an evening cruise on the river providing colorful sights of this modern city at night.
Our dining room.  We have a huge buffet each morning.  Very formal atmosphere.Eastern and western food is served.Jim tries chicken feet.This guy out our window swept the grass with a broom throughout our breakfast time.View from the ground of the Pearl Tower, 468 meters high and the tallest in Asia.Entering buildings we usually see a bomb-sniffing dog.  We find humor in their translations.Huge wooden carved lion.Observation floor at 263 meters.We were standing on a glass floor!Jason laying on the glass floor:  brave!Sculpture of twisted empty plastic drink bottles.