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We went to Tokyo June 21-24. Trent's school friend, Momone, and her parents, Kazuko and Atsunori Ozawa, were our hosts and toured us around the entire time. We were truly spoiled and were able to relax and enjoy the trip since we did not have to struggle with the language differences. We were joined by Akari, Momone's friend, who also attended our Brentwood school for 3rd-5th grades.

These shots were taken with Barb's little pocket camera.
Beijing Airport is enormous.  This is just the check in area.Boys sleeping on the four-hour flight to Tokyo.First view of Tokyo Tower.We were met at the airport by Trent's school friend, Momone, and her mom Kazuko.Tokyo is a big, clean, organized, beautiful city!We had fun grilling our meat at the table at a "Korean barbecue."Kazuko with Barb and Jim.  Her husband, Atsunori, will join us for the week end  touring.The is the Akasaka area where our hotel was located.Jason has now passed Barb in height.... :(Akasaka at night.We found a guy dressed as Pikachu!Our hotel, the Excel Hotel in Akasaka.  It was in a fantastic location and was above a shopping mallHooters was in our hotel building.