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Barb is an experienced music photographer having captured thousands of performance images. Singer/songwriters work with Barb to create imagery for album packaging and promotion. Photography is also booked for the recording session to document the creative story while recording.

Please contact Barb to discuss needs. Fees range depending upon number and variety of images needed. Photography provided in a studio setting as well as on location. Images created for website and other online publicity usages as well as album covers and supporting photos. Studio shoot, $400. Location shoot, $440. Edited images, $40 each. Cover Art Design, $145. Performance photos may be booked for $100 per hour of shooting with a two hour minimum; jpeg files included in fee.
Cover with ArtworkShana SmithTrent MayoTrent MayoTrent MayoSeth James, Lee Roy Parnell, Anson FunderburghLee Roy ParnellRadney FosterRadney FosterRadney FosterRadney FosterLee Roy ParnellLee Roy ParnellLee Roy ParnellLarry GatlinLarry GatlinLarry GatlinAnson FunderburghDurand Jones