Excellent show! We had so much fun. The photos are complimentary to download. Details below. Enjoy!

To VIEW, select the first image and scroll through or select slideshow in upper-right of screen. (No slideshow for mobile device.)

You may create a Favorites Album by selecting the menu that appears in the upper left corner of the enlarged image. You can add and remove favorites. If you choose to use this feature, be sure to name and save your Favorites Album so that you can access it again.

These photos are available for you to DOWNLOAD for social media use. Pease give photo credit to Barb Jones Photography or tag me in social media.

To download on a computer, enlarge the photo and point to the upper-left corner of the image for the menu to appear.
To download on a mobile device,select one image and go to the menu icon at the top right of the screen.

NOTE: These are at about 90% resolution and fine for online use. If you want anything better or for print, let me know and I will give you full resolution file and printing rights.
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