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Our last full day in Shanghai. We had Julie take us to the ancient town of Zhujiajiao. (I could never pronouce it correctly, so I nicknamed it "G. I. Joe.") The settlement was established during the Three Kings period 1700 years ago. The network of waterways was developed during the Ming and Qing dynasties. The architecture and waterways are so charming. Barb went crazy with the photos of the boats and waterways.

We also spent time our last night walking along The Bund and took some great photos of the PuDong area across the river. The clouds made for some amazing night photos, so once again Barb took a lot of photos! :)
I will miss our breakfast dining room.  I sat here alone for my coffee the last morning.Another view in the Moller Villa.A video camera crew arrived our last morning.  We don't know what they were filming.Trent found a music shop on the streets of Zhujiajiao.Mother and daughter shop owners.Julie (our guide) did a video of Trent playing the guitar.This ancient town is known for its canals.She was making these rice things rolled up in long leaves.This was a "nice" restaurant and displayed the tanks of live fish/eels/turtles the guest select.